House of Kei


What is Kei?

Kei (pronounced “KAY”) has many facets. In Japanese, it can mean many things – intelligence, respect, blessing, jewel, wise, jubilation, light, excellent or “happy child”. It is also a group or set of things. Chinese dialects give Kei the meanings vast, hope, order, discipline, clean, stem and trunk amongst others. In Dutch, it is a pebble or cobblestone. In Maori, Kei is “at” as in the place to be. Scots have Kei as a key. In Hawaiian, it is one’s pride and glory. In African dialects it can mean sandy white.

Kei is an embodiment of all of these things. House of Kei is the pride and glory. It is the happy child. It is the vast hope of the future, and it is a blessing.

Kei is a grouping of ideas, and a place from which new ideas can be born and nurtured. Kei is clean and ordered.

Kei to you I hope is a place for inspiration and beauty. Centred around olfactory fragrances and experiences which have been created to share and enjoy.

Ultimately I hope the House of Kei is a place for you to experience the excellence of artisan craft and to find something to enjoy for both yourself and for someone else as the greatest joy is sharing joy.