Kei Beardo 4×30 Pack


The ultimate gift of beard care for the ultimate person – you (or the one you care about!).

This amazing four bottle pack has one of each of four amazing beard oils for you to enjoy. It contains Kei Beardo Vanilla RoseKei Beardo LamingtonKei Beardo Chai Latte and Kei Beardo Festivus all in 30mL bottles.

Each bottle contains the same nourishing beard oil to keep your facial hair smooth and strong as well as nourishing skin protectors to leave your skin free of itch.

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These deliciously fragranced beard oils will nourish and revitalise your beard whilst taking care of your sensitive skin.

Place a few drops of oil into your palm, rub your hands lightly together before gently massaging the oil into your beard. Try to ensure an even coverage to get the most from your oil.


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